August 25, 2016


Dropbox may be taking another step in its very slow shuffle toward an IPO, and is now working with Goldman Sachs to prepare documents that could be filed as soon as this year, according to a report by Bloomberg .

The company is expected to hire Goldman Sachs as the lead advisor of the IPO process, according to the report. Getting another coveted "lead left” on the Dropbox IPO would be another feather in the cap for the bank, and another signal that Dropbox may finally start testing the waters of an initial public offering after years of uncertainty around its business. The company hit a $10 billion valuation riding a wave of euphoria around consumer startups earlier in the decade, but has since been frustrated by larger companies offering free file storage and sharing.

With its core consumer business rapidly approaching commoditization, Dropbox has had to differentiate itself with an additional portfolio of services and options. It’s started emphasizing its technology — specifically in terms of speed and simplicity — when observers have tried to draw comparisons between the company and other enterprise file-sharing services. Box is the most natural comparable on the market, which could potentially cause problems for Dropbox’s valuation as it seeks to go public .

A representative from Dropbox declined to comment.

To be sure, the company has been on a streak of touting its business successes. Earlier this year it said it hit a $1 billion revenue run rate on the strength of its growing business services. The company has also said it’s hit 500 million users. But in addition to having to fight the purely perceptual comparisons with Box and Microsoft, Dropbox has also had to compete on a product level as competitors gun for the same potential customer base.

To do that, Dropbox has been aggressively building its portfolio of business products and services. It launched its note-taking app, Paper, globally earlier this year. That also comes with another slew of updates to its business products and efforts in network expansion to further improve its pitch as a seamless and secure way to share and collaborate on files online apartments hong kong.

As usual, this seems part of the process of testing the waters — and Dropbox may inevitably end up pulling out of the process or going in a different direction. You tend to see these kinds of signals in most companies as they try to gauge whether the market would be interested in buying shares in the company at a good valuation. It may also be a time to be extra careful after Blue Apron’s disastrous IPO and Snap’s huge decline since going public.


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August 10, 2016

7 Reasons Why Quitting Facebook Now Is Good For Your Future

1. Facebook is a time waster.
While being on Facebook and scrolling down through the news feed, many are not aware of the time they actually spend on viewing others’ life events or sharing. It became such a disease that many even feel obliged to like or comment on anything that coolfire iv 40w was shared. You might think of the time spend on Facebook as your free time, though you are not aware that you can spend the same time taking care of yourself, learning something new or doing your daily tasks.

2. Facebook can demotivate you.
By seeing someone else’s continuous posts about the parties they went to or friends they see frequently, you might feel insecure about yourself and even feel as a loser if your own posts are not as cool as the ones in your news feed. However, there is rarely such a thing as going out every day or having lots of acquaintances to meet everyday. Moreover, sharing every moment of your life is also not obligation, since being private is quite a norm.

3. Facebook makes you deal with useless people.
Look at the number of friends you have on Facebook. How many of them are really good friends? Or how many of the friend requests you get are real people or your actual acquaintances? You have to admit that you have people on Facebook who are not related to you, but who would write to you once in a while and more than likely, you will answer to them. Thus, you waste not only your time, but also your energy.

4. Facebook makes you deal with useless information.
It is one thing to read newspapers or magazines DR REBORN in order to get information, but it is an entirely other thing to be faced with the same information, trends and innovations through continuous sharings of people. I bet one of the things that you will not miss about Facebook after quitting it, are the selfies of girls with the infamous duckface.

5. Facebook damages your communication skills.
When is the last time you actually hung out in real life with your friends, relatives or colleagues? Because of the social media that is supposed to help us communicate, we forget about real communication, and therefore, have difficulties communicating effectively which negatively affects our relationship at home, at work or anywhere else really.

6. Facebook manipulates you to work on your posts.
One of the biggest problems of Facebook is its influence on people’s creativity. Although it is assumed to be a free social media site, which let’s you to share almost anything you want, you have this tendency to want to get more likes. In order to get more likes, you must work very hard on your shared posts, trying to make it funny, creative or smart while you could spend the same time doing something much more useful.

7. Facebook becomes your life.
The marketing strategy of Facebook is quite clear – to make you spend as much time as possible on the Web site. While working on their posts to be cool and wasting time on Facebook, many people actually try to be someone else, but end up being isolated from real world and real themselves. It is possible to spend the same time and energy into DR REBORN simply being yourself, or a better version of you. Which begs the question, why not try it?

The reasons above are presented to you in order to help you consider your feelings regarding Facebook and imagine how it can badly affecting your life and productivity. Therefore these points will guide you in seeing what your life will be like without Facebook. So really, quitting the popular social media site doesn’t sound so bad after all, now does it?

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August 08, 2016

8 Tips for People with No Willpower

1. Stay positive
Positivity can heal your life. It can brighten a dull day, make you feel good and look good. It can help you make more friends and become more Dream beauty pro hard sell successful at work. Positivity can help you stay healthy and fit. Positive people have more willpower to reach their goals. If you have no willpower, start with cultivating a positive attitude. Learn how to laugh at an awkward situation, cope with any difficult situation, resist temptations and survive a hard day with the smile on your face. With smiles and laughter, your days will be more bearable and more joyous and you won’t notice that you lack willpower.

2. Eat healthy
If needed, I will repeat a few times that you should eat healthy. A healthy meal plan is the key to better health, high energy levels, more willpower and longer life. Eating a healthy breakfast helps you keep your weight under control, increase your energy levels and tackle the day’s problems easier and faster. When you are slim and full of energy, you are more confident and successful. However, you should also make healthy snack choices and cook a healthy dinner, as well. Moreover, it’s important to drink enough water to stay hydrated.

3. Stay active
Break a habit of spending your weekends in front of the TV or laptop. Get up and go for a walk, or run, or a bike ride. Start maintaining your garden (if you have it, of course), keep your house clean, volunteer, and play with your pet. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or at least get out of it a few floors early and use the stairs. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you don’t spend your day or evening lying on the couch. You have a willpower to stay active throughout the day. Just stick to a healthy diet to boost your energy, stay positive to boost your mood, and believe in yourself to boost your confidence.

4. Get rid of envy and jealousy
People who lack confidence and willpower tend to be jealous and envious of what other people have. Get rid of envy and jealousy to find more willpower to live your own life. Studies shows that envy and jealousy can spoil life of the most successful people. These feelings prevent you from being productive, happy, and confident. Envy and jealousy can also lead to a number of illnesses, including anxiety and depression.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others
Just because your friend has more willpower to do something doesn’t mean that she is better or stronger than you. Trust me, you may have even more willpower than she has. You just need to discover that willpower. It’s okay to find a role model and copy some of their traits, but don’t live someone else’s life, live your own life. Be yourself, be proud of who you are and love yourself.

6. Reduce your stress levels
I’m sure that most of you know about Dream beauty pro hard sell the drawbacks of stress and its negative effect on our health and overall well-being. The only thing I want to tell you is that it’s crucial to keep your stress levels under control. It’s okay to feel stressed every now and then, but if you have to deal with stress every day, you should learn how to fight it. Go for a walk, breathe deeply and enjoy the nature. It’s one of the most effective ways to reduce your stress levels.

7. Read motivational books
I believe in a power of reading books. Books help us feel better, live better and they help us escape from a reality for a while. You can find a solution to your problems in books, as well. Read a few pages of a motivational book each day to boost your willpower and improve your life. Avoid reading online, though. If you don’t like reading or if you can’t read at home, make a habit of going to your local library each day to read your favorite book. No one will disturb you, which means you will read more pages. The library is the best choice since it has less distractions.

8. Fill your heart with love
When I wrote the word ‘love,’ I didn’t think Dream beauty pro hard sell about a loving relationship. If you don’t have a partner, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love anyone. You love many people and things. Write down the list of the people and things you love in life and you will see that your life is full of love; you simply don’t notice it. Love your parents, friends, animals, nature, country, city, job, etc. Fill your heart with love and it will help you overcome any obstacles, challenges and difficulties.

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August 03, 2016

Boy who died saving sister from rapist awarded

A seven-year-old boy who died defending his elder sister from a rapist has been honoured with an Order of Courage medal. Evgeny Tabakov’s mother Dream beauty pro hard sell picked up the award for her dead son.

The Head of the Investigative Committee at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Andrey Bastrykin, recommended that Evgeny should get the award because of his bravery.

In November last year a convicted criminal broke into the apartment of the Tabakov family in the military town of Noginsk-9 in Moscow Region. He intended to carry out a robbery. Seven-year-old Evgeny and his twelve-year-old sister were at home at the time.

Finding nothing valuable to steal, the criminal decided to satisfy himself in a different way, by raping the girl.

But seven-year-old Evgeny had other ideas. The second grade pupil defended his sister from the attacker, an act of courage that cost him his life. The girl escaped but the attacker stabbed Evgeny with a knife eight times.

The next evening the 35-year-old would-be rapist was caught by an army officer, who was later awarded for this action.

"This tragedy shocked staff on the Investigative Committee at the Public Prosecutor’s Office – people who deal with death every day… But this case went beyond any norms”, Andrey Bastrykin said at the awards ceremony.

What little Evgeny Tabakov did was exceptional. Bastrykin said everything should be done to make sure the boy did not sacrifice his life in vain.

The boy’s school promised to erect a Dream beauty pro hard sell memorial in the school lobby telling Evgeny Tabakov’s story.

It also said only the best pupils would be allowed to sit in Evgeny’s old desk in his classroom.

The Governor of Moscow Region, Boris Gromov, who was present at the award ceremony, promised that the authorities will not abandon the boy’s family but will help them solve any problems they have.

Crimes against children: the figures

In 2008, 126,000 children in Russia were subjected to sexual violence. Almost 2,000 children died as a result of various crimes.

A total of 2,330 children were injured in the same period, suffering either physical or mental stress or trauma that will have long-term consequences.

According to Bastrykin, the most disturbing fact is that crimes against children are on the increase.

More than 12,500 children remain missing and have been on search lists for some time. Police say it is very rare for them to be found alive. Most of them are either dead or being kept as slaves and are being abused.

Dealing with paedophiles

Recently the Public Chamber proposed Dream beauty pro hard sell introducing the death penalty for convicted pedophiles.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is asking the Supreme Court to reconsider giving early release to criminals convicted for grave crimes against children, including sexual violence.

Evidence suggests that convicted paedophiles repeat their offences against children once they’re released.

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