April 25, 2017

How to Look Good Without Makeup?

1. Cleansing
Take a shower everyday and clean your face using a cleanser that suits your skin type. Greasy hair and skin attracts more dust and dirt particles which not only makes your skin appear greasy and dirty but can also be the root cause of acne, blackheads and whiteheads. It is important for your skin to breathe, so make sure you clean your skin every day before going to bed.

2. Trim those tresses
You can completely change the way you look with a haircut and you need not necessarily have to chop your length off if you do not wish to. Opt for a change in style, get a cut that accentuates your features and is also manageable.

3. Dress it right
Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that suit your body type and personality. Clothes, they say, maketh a man and clothes do say a lot about your choices and outlook in life. Get abreast with the latest trends and style quotients and update your wardrobe once in a while.

4. Work out
Get exercising daily; this will give you a healthy and fit body and nice attractive curves and thus help boost your level of confidence and the right attitude to carry yourself with much grace. Exercising also helps in increasing blood circulation, which makes the skin appear healthy and imparts a glow.

5. Shape your eyebrows right
Eyebrows are said to be the frame of the face, make sure you tidy them well. Too bushy or too thin eyebrows can absolutely make your whole effort to look gorgeous without makeup a complete failure.

6. Have kissable lips
It is very important that you exfoliate your lips regularly and keep them well hydrated. Chapped lips can spoil the complete look.

The best makeup for a lady is her self confidence and that can only come with not constantly trying to size yourself against other girls. You are what you are. Celebrate and flaunt your uniqueness!

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April 24, 2017

Insightful Ways to Develop Feminine Traits

1. Give preference to women’s style
I’ve noticed that modern women love to wear men’s clothes. They usually do it for various purposes. Someone find a masculine fashion comfortable, while others feel 100 times more confident when wearing men’s clothes or have to stick to certain dress codes. Women who prefer to wear jeans, shirts, T-shirts, and sneakers look fashionable, beautiful and stylish, but not feminine.

Over the years these women have got used to men’s style and gradually lose the sense of femininity. They start wearing their hair short and forget about jewelry or other things that make them feminine and help them look bright against the cold surroundings. It’s okay to try something new and experiment with fashion, but it’s crucially important not to cross the line, because unusual styles can have a big influence on both men’s and women’s minds.

2. Develop a feminine voice
No matter how you slice it, the voice of a woman is an incredibly important thing that can either enhance her feminine allure or alienate people. Modern men set high standards of excellence for themselves and others, especially when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. They find women with high-pitched female voices more attractive.

If for one or other reason you don’t have the voice of an angel, you shouldn’t fall into despondency about it. First of all, record your voice for you to hear it as other people hear and analyze what kind of voice you have. If you have a lower-pitched, creaky and rude voice, consider using different feminine voice techniques to develop a female voice.

But the pitch of the voice isn’t the only thing you should focus on. Develop a feminine enunciation, expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar. As soon as you reach all these goals, you’ll be able to win the hearts of men with the help of one or two phrases.

3. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings
It’s hard to change something in life, if there’s a complete disharmony in your inner world. Many ladies cannot reach a new level of femininity, because they’re the victims of deep-seated feelings and emotions. Psychologists state that hatred, resentment, negativity, envy and obsessive thoughts can lead to different somatic disorders and steal femininity. All unexpressed emotions usually cause increased muscle tension, spasms and have a negative effect on women’s emotional state.

As a result, women find it difficult to maintain femininity and correct posture due to muscle stiffness. This stiffness gradually replaces their graceful and beautiful movements by awkward ones.I don’t want to frighten you. I just want you to realize that it’s necessary to solve inner conflicts and achieve a peace of mind, before you make femininity, success and charisma your aims.

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April 12, 2017

What Is Your Legacy?

During a recent speech, I told the audience that my mission was to empower the self-employed to succeed. Instantly a hand shot up in the audience. "What's your definition of success?" I smiled to myself -- I love it when they ask this question!

There are as many definitions of success as there are self employed people. Success could be "hitting my financial goals," or "becoming a nationally-known speaker." But I challenge you to add one more component to your definition of success: What will you leave behind as your lasting legacy?

Every single one of us leaves a legacy. Your very existence has an impact on the world whether you intend it or not. So, how do you want to be remembered?

Ask yourself, "If I died today ..."

What would I want people to say about me?
How have I helped other people?
Have I done my best, given my all?
Did my life have meaning and purpose?
Working towards a legacy in both your business and personal life keeps you motivated and performing at your peak. It gives a higher purpose to your life and work. Your work has an edge and energy because you're no longer just "doing work," you're building a legacy. Above all, it helps you share the fullest of what you are. And that's what I call Success!

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April 07, 2017

Your Mind is a Battlefield

Every person should enjoy life in abundance and prosperity, but unfortunately, too many of God's people are living way below their nu skin hk potential. So many have health issues, broken relationships, and/or no money in their bank account.

Most of the these types of problems are the result of what is going on in the minds of those who experience them.

In everyone's mind there are always at least three voices being heard, God's, the devil's, and your own flesh. Which voice you obey is based on your ability to discern (which is next week's topic).

For now, you must understand that your mind is a battlefield. It's where your decisions are made based on who's direction you are following. Who's direction you follow will ultimately determine where you end up.

In many self-help books, they say to always begin with the end in mind. That is, to have a mental picture of the way you would like for things to be. Now, I'm sure you have an idea of what you would like for your life to be, but how focused are you?

Are you focused at all? You see, it's nu skin hong kong right there where the battle is won or lost! Satan will do everything in his power to deter you from the dream God has shown you. He wants to set up strongholds in your life to hold you in bondage due to a certain way of thinking. This certain way of thinking is causng you to not believe.

Understand that the devil is more focused on your dream than you are! And he is determined to keep you from it. If he can keep you from achieving your objectives, he doesn't have to be as concerned about you interfering with his.

Your mind is a battlefield, and if you're going to win, you got to know how the game is played.

Copyright 2005 Daniel N Brown

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