August 23, 2021

10 financial advice for ordinary people!

First, don't think that if you make more money, you'll get rich

You can't get really rich just by making money. The three main factors that make an average person rich include working hard to earn money, learning to spend money, and investing.


Second, do not underestimate the role of compound interest

Third, people without money need financial management

"Money management is not just about earning a return on your principal investment, it's more of a financial mindset.


Fourth, to start managing your money, you may need to start small.

For example, try to keep a monthly account, save $100 a month, invest $10 in a fund, etc. Give yourself a little incentive to continue. Give yourself some rewards to encourage you to continue to manage your money.

Take the long view and don't worry about what you gain or lose in the moment

Investment management is also a high yield, long half-life things, short-term may not see the obvious effect, but over time, the principal is expanding, compound interest is also quietly play a role. "The investment management is not in a hurry, might as well watch for a while, slowly wait for the results.

Six, financial management is not the same as saving


The financial management is to organize the present financial, planning the future. You can spend money, but you must spend it correctly and well. As we mentioned earlier, after you get your salary, will you use it to buy a bag, or use it to study a course, or invest it? I believe you will have the answer when you see this.

Seven, save to fail life

If you only know how to save, without a little life atmosphere, really lost the original meaning of financial management.

Eight, don't just stare at the keyhole to see

In fact, what we really need to do is to improve our analysis and investment skills. The actual knowledge of financial management, analysis of the principle of ups and downs, in order to really learn to invest, to achieve the "lie earn".

9. financial management is the realization of cognitive and ability

Must learn to do more research and practice, so that the money earned is their own. Otherwise, the money earned by luck, or will be lost by strength.

Ten, continuous small earnings more reliable

Investment is a gradual process. The first time you think, I want to earn a million, I want to earn 10% in this life. We have to find ways to achieve this purpose.

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